Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Shard Fence

Genre: Fiction
Author: Keith Madsen

A shard Fence is a barricade made from broken glass and bits of sharp objects placed on the top of a wall intending to keep people out. But, as all young men know, a fence is always a challenge to see if you can get over it unharmed. It is this fence that sets the tone for The Shard Fence.
Brandon McCallister, an American youth who is running away from a few of his own demons responds to a request through a Facebook connection to help Brazilian children at a church in Belo Horizonte learn English and piano. Shortly after he arrives, however, he is exposed to murders committed in the name of drug lords. The pastor of the church is one of those killed in the senseless violence. Instead of running back to the safety of the United States, Brandon stays in Brazil working with the woman, Aline who had originally invited him to help the community reject the violence and use faith and encouragement to create a positive from where before was only negative.
Keith Madsen is an American Baptist Minister who has served churches in Kansas, Washington, Oregon and New Jersey.Presently he is the Associate Pastor of Wilson Memorial Union Church in Watching, New Jersey. In his pastoral capacity he has counseled many families who have lost teenagers and children, a central part of the story in his book: Searching for Eden. He has also had an intense personal interest not only in the biblical stories about human origins, but also in historical and archaeological research into that subject. He has long thought that had he not become a minister, he would have liked to have become an archaeologist.
The Shard Fence is based on Madsen's short-term mission trip to Belo Horizonte, Brazil where he worked at the Junta Administrativa de Missões, called JAMI, a training school for Brazilian Baptists going out on mission work. Madsen is dedicating 20% of his book's proceeds to the work of JAMI.
Well written with true, compelling dialogue, a pace that never gives up and a few good twists, The Shard Fence is an inspirational story of how faith in the goodness of others ultimately wins over violence and disillusionment. I give this book an Above Average rating.
Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Wendy Thomas, Allbooks Reviews.
Title: The Shard Fence
Author: Keith Madsen
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing E-book
ISBN: 978-1-926839-28-8
Sept. 2010
Pages: 146

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