Saturday, February 19, 2011

BELLYACHE: A Delicous Tale

Genre: Children’ Fiction
Author: Crystal Marcos

BELLYACHE: A Delicious Tale is a wonderful book filled with action that your young ones will love to read.
Peter Fischer gets invited to work at his grandfather's sweet shop, and he can't wait to try all the yummy delights. He eats one too many treats and is transported to a magical town where everything is made of candy! Unfortunately, he finds "candy" enemies. Thankfully, though, he finds "candy" friends. Even better, he finds out that his grandma was probably there a long time ago. Then the most interesting part; his best friend from the human world has also been transported there! How did that happen?

Author Crystal Marcos does not leave us "hanging", but perfects a clever way to tell us more. However, all too soon, his adventure ends. No time to worry about that though! Another one springs up, requiring more skills than before.

Crystal Marcos provides a moving tale to help us learn to forgive, no matter how hard it is. Although this is her first book, she displays through it her startling ability to teach a difficult matter in a fun and appealing way that children will understand. Kids will want to read this book over and over again! Reviewer ~ Cecilia Lee, Allbooks Review

Publisher ~ © 2010 Cat Marcs Publishing / Washington ~
ISBN ~ 978-0-9843899-0-2 Pages ~ 145
Price ~ US $9.95
Date (published) ~ 2010
Date (reviewed) ~ October 2010

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