Sunday, February 13, 2011

Postscripts from Mindanao

Genre: History / Geography
Title: Postscripts from Mindanao
Author: Wilma ‘Cookie’ B. Villanueva

Contrasts have filled the history of humankind and the world of nature. It is commonly known that some of the most beautiful plants and animals hide deadly secrets. The troubled land of Mindanao is different only that its deadly side is all too public. Ms Villanueva in this book offers the beautiful side of Mindanao in a quiet and elegant way to attempt to counterbalance the tide of ink from the bad side of the news that sullies this beautiful land.
It is true that Mindanao has been experiencing indiscriminate attacks by a separatist guerilla movement. The violence though is not as prolific as it is in many places. Mindanao though has such great natural beauty and a warm, welcoming, and friendly population. Ms Villanueva beautifully brings these things to life through extremely well-written prose interwoven and amplified through the use of photographs of the land of her forebears. She not only presents the natural beauty of this land, but also the natural grace and dignity of its inhabitants and the ways in which they earn a living. Mindanao is truly a remarkable place.
The author’s stated purpose in writing this book is to highlight and enhance the reputation of her birthright. In the bio section of this volume Ms Villanueva is described as an amateur photographer and journalist. The end result of her work shows that she exemplifies the true meaning of the word ‘amateur.’ It comes from the Latin for doing something for the sheer love of it. Her love of photography, journalism, and most importantly the land of Mindanao comes through in great fashion.
This reviewer has no choice but to highly recommend this book and wishes Ms Villanueva every success in helping to make Mindanao into the commercial and eco-tourist mecca she envisions.
Reviewer: John Helman, Allbooks Review.
Author: Wilma ‘Cookie’ B. Villanueva
Publisher: Gensan Publishing House
ISBN: 9-789719-431015
Pages: 103
Price: $27.00 US
Sept. 2010

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