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Monday, October 17, 2011

Beloved Destiny / Review

Usually before I start a book, I like to read the synopsis on the book jacket or on the internet in the case of an e-book. I like to get a feel for the story before I dive in. In the case of Beloved Destiny by Carol Ann Fears, I was excited because it seemed like it was going to be right up my alley – historical fiction with a little romance thrown in. The story revolves around 17 year old Carina Blanchett and her family who live on a plantation near Natchez, Mississippi in the early 19th century. Carina was born to a privileged life, and her family expects her to marry someone of her own station even though she is in love with someone else, but we soon learn that wealth and class does not necessarily make a gentleman and that a person’s qualities should matter far more than money and background. Will Carina learn to love or will love eventually find its way back to her?

I really wanted to like this book; however, although Fears definitely has a talent for the written word, there were just too many areas where this book fell short in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong – this book was not boring or poorly written by any means, but there was just no magic to the story.In a nutshell, there were two words that came to mind as I read this book: predictable and formulaic. I don’t mind the traditional boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy can’t have girl, but eventually boy gets girl plot, but I like stories that are not quite so predictable and where there are interesting side plots that really flesh out the story. If the story had been longer, Fears could have delved much deeper into the fascinating history of the pre-Civil War era of the South. What she does describe is well done, but I yearned for so much more. For example, I was very excited to hear mention of the Underground Railroad when I read the synopsis for this book, and I looked forward to some excitement in the plot as a result. However, there were only three brief references to one slave’s involvement in hiding runaways on their way north, and nothing ever developed from that.

I was also disappointed in the main character, Carina. When introduced to her at the beginning of the story, the reader is led to believe that she is not like other southern belles of that era, in that she is intelligent, strong-willed and independent. I thought she was going to be a character to admire – one who would break the mold. However, the next thing you know, she is fainting and swooning into a man’s arms in the garden because the sun is hot and she forgot her bonnet. When faced with arranged marriage, I was waiting for her to step up to the plate and tell her family that she wouldn’t have anything to do with it, but again she wilted in the heat. And to allow the deception of a happy marriage to continue even after being threatened by her less than loving husband does not make a strong character to be admired in my books. Carina could have been a formidable protagonist who would have given the story some depth and who could have stood for the beginning of women fighting for their rights, but she was not all that much different than the other southern belles. All in all, I liked the characters because each one was different and interesting in his or her own way, but I am sure that if this story was longer and more detailed and complex, I would have loved the characters.

If you want a really light read with a good old fashioned romance, you may want to give Beloved Destiny a try, but if you want something with a little more substance, this is not the book for you.

Carol Ann Fears grew up in Kentucky, where she majored in English at Murray State University. Before finishing her education, Carol took some time off to get married, and after four children, a nursing degree and a move to Kenosha, WI she now lives again in western Kentucky with her husband, Perry, and their two Jack Russell terriers and four cats. After retiring from nursing in 2007, she decided to return to her love of writing and completed Beloved Destiny in four months. She is currently working on a second novel set in 14th century England. Reviewer: Cindy Taylor, Allbooks Review Int.

Title: Beloved Destiny

Author: Carol Ann Fears

Format: ebook

May, 2011

The Poison Glen / Review

If you are in the mood for a story about creatures, slavery, gods (maybe), than The Poison Glen is just the book for you.

The Poison Glen is a tale that will leave you wanting more, and to learn more about the creatures of legends. Are the creatures just a tale to tell children, or are they real? In The Poison Glen you will read much about a creature known as the Hunter. What is the Hunter, and what are the circumstances behind his hatred of humans?

Follow the fate of Amariah, the Hunter, and a band of fellow travelers. Read along as Amariah finds out about her true background and as the Hunter schools her in the use of her special magic.

There is a battle of magic, tyrants, armies, slaves, and creatures with powers that are told only as myth, but they are all too real as you read the pages of The Poison Glen.

This reviewer found The Poison Glen to be an exciting, magical, moral, and wonderful journey through the travelers and as Amariah finds out her faith and find a strength within herself that surprises many.

The Poison Glen is also not your average love story. They is a good deal of hiding one’s true feelings, past baggage, and personal emotions in this story. This reviewer found the author to be skilled at weaving a grand tale of the people of Caspria as they defeat the Zadok.

There is something for every reader in The Poison Glen. This reviewer awards five out of five stars to The Poison Glen with a must read recommendation.

Reviewer: Robert Medak, Allbooks Review International

Available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or from the author at:

Title: The Poison Glen

Author: Ashley Simmons

Publisher: Ashley Simmons

ISBN: 978-1461041108

Pages: 324

Date: May 12, 2011

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The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals / Review

Title: The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals
Author: Karen Langolf
Do you suppose that you would be all too willing to slip unexpectedly through a strange door, that would ultimately lead to an equally bizarre and unpredictable world inhabited by creatures and sights not known to your sheltered self? Well, if you hadn’t that precious, treasured privilege of a personal decision on this matter, would you be so inclined to nobly accept the situation to which you were placed, or fuss and whine over the all too truthful fact that the portals, to return the comforts of your known world, would not be accessible for another twenty-five years, and that is if you even have the capabilities and quantities of luck on your side to spot them?
Captain Ror, with the deeply tanned skin, straight tufts of glistening silver hair, and a life shadowed by an age-old prophecy, is of course rather comfortable in this “place” that is just so frightening to those who journey through the portals to it. After all, the young Captain has lived his entire life in this land with its many lurking secrets and various forceful inhabitants. Upon the arrival of people from the other world after the unexpected opening of the portals, the kindly Ror, along with others of his sort, feel heaps of sympathy for the bewildered newcomers who had had enthralling lives as detectives, fashion models and rock stars before journeying through the portals.
Ror and his allies find themselves leading these people through the ways of their world, and protecting them from its many lurking, startling dangers. But will Ror and his many friends be able to locate the portals and send their new friends home, or will they have to leave them stranded in their own cold, dark land forever?
In this compelling adventure novel brimming with pounding excitement, readers will ultimately find themselves running right alongside the aggressive green-haired cannibals, valiant sorcerers and delightful chattering cats, just to name a few. Karen Langolf has spun “The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals,” making use of the vital threads of wit and delightfully clever humour,to create a brilliant story of complex weaving. Readers of all ages will take great pleasure in this stunningly fascinating and highly creative novel of great quality. Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Alison Griffith, Allbooks Review Int.

The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals
Karen Langolf
Cost: US $16.95
Publisher: Outskirts Press,Inc.
ISBN: 9781432762308
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The Secrets of Kelmar

Author: Laura Sepesi
“With this hand, I grant you death’s impermanent form, but keep you sound of mind and body to one day return to your worldly existence.”
Carmen Fox along with her group of souls and animal counterpart; Blaze have returned in the second piece of the Kelmar Trilogy after first defeating the Dark Lord and returning again to restore peace to the world of the Kelmarians. Even more menacing than the last a new foe has threatened the well being of their world. Brutal storms raging across the skies, angry and vicious attacks on innocent creatures and the very existence of Kelmar hanging in the balance calls once more of Carmen and her friends to restore the balance. Will they be able to once more save their world from imminent destruction?
Laura Sepesi has once again found a way to write a fun fast paced book that reader’s will enjoy from beginning to end and I was lucky enough to have been given the joy of reviewing both her first and second of the series. Further developing her already very real characters Sepesi draws the reader into the pages with wonderful descriptions and large amounts of action lacing the plotline. Having published her first book at the young age of twenty-one and the second when she was twenty-three, Laura has proved herself to be a very talented young author and I’m sure she will continue to amaze her readers when she’s finished her third book which is being worked on at the moment.
The Secrets of Kelmar is a wonderful read and a welcome addition to anyone’s bookshelf. Even the most reluctant reader would have a difficult time not being drawn into the pages of the magical story set ahead of them. I certainly hope that Ms. Sepesi will promptly have the third book of the series out for her fans to soon enjoy, they are well written books that readers of all ages can appreciate.
The Secrets of Kelmar is highly recommended by Kirsten Bussière, Allbooks Review

Author's Website:
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Publisher's Website:
Retail Price: US $28.95
ISBN: 0-7414-5336-3
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Rowena Through the Wall / Review

I loved this book. No really. I’m not much into time travel stories (sometimes just too unbelievable) but I couldn’t put this one down. The main character; Rowena is a plucky, witty, smart veterinarian who has a strong inner compass and a healthy cynicism of all things that are too good to be true. She left her fianc√©, because she saw him kicking a cat across the road. Done with him, didn’t need that! With a voice that rings true, she grabs a hold of this story and doesn’t let go until its conclusion.

A veterinarian in Arizonia, Rowena starts seeing strange men dressed as warriors, who appear and then disappear by walking through walls. Soon, each night when she sleeps she finds herself transported to a society, under a curse, that no female babies would ever be born again. With no females, a society dies out. Rowena’s mother escaped the land, prior to the curse and now her daughter Rowena carries both the bloodline and the hope for survival. The warrior men have searched for her hoping she was “fertile” enough to save their society.

Initially because she thinks this is all just a complicated and sometimes delicious dream, there are some great lines and situations in this story as Rowena is passed from one warring group to another. “Oh well, why not? It’s just a dream” she thinks as she lets herself get abducted once again.

"Rowena's daughter…" the second rider said darkly. "Can that
"It might be a trick," the other said.
"Silence!" The old man dismounted stiffly and came forward.
"It can't be. Look at her. Just look at her. She's Rowena through
and through. Where did you come from, child?"
I nearly said Kansas, but that would be just too wicked.
"Scottsdale, Sir" I said politely. "In Arizona."

It starts to slowly dawn on her that this is not just a dream and she begins to take control of her destiny in the fantasy world. To watch her take over her personal reins by dealing with warrior men from a long ago era using modern standards is just delightful. Filled with plenty of fun, action, and a main character that takes no prisoners, Rowena Through the Wall is an exciting romp through a fantasy world that will leave you completely and utterly satisfied.

Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Wendy Thomas, Allbooks Reviews.
Title: Rowena Through the Wall
Author: Melodie Campbell
Publisher: pre pub
For more info;

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Title: Possoons / Review

Title: Possoons
Author: Rachelle Rogers

Rachelle Rogers has produced a heterogeneous collection of short stories that will entertain and amuse readers from beginning to end.
The short quips in Possoons are really studies in human nature; from the sixty something, Eva to the gay, Julian this author brings her characters to life. In a few sentences we see deep into the psyche and the hearts of the people in the story. Whether happy or sad, grieving or rejoicing, the reader becomes part of the story through empathy and understanding.
My favourite was “Why Stefan had to rent a Sander and Refinish the Floors in Brenda’s bedroom” I laughed till I cried. “Restoration” is a heartfelt story of grief and the realization that life goes on.
Rachelle Rogers is a fiction author, writer and poet. She lives in Asheville, Nc.
Bravo Ms. Rogers, this collection is highly recommended.Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review Int.

Tltle: Possoons
Author: Rachelle Rogers
ISBN: 9780615494654
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Allbooks Review October 2011 Newsletter


Congratulations, Condolences and Announcements

Shirley A. Roe’s, Dreams and Nightmares received a Bronze Award from Reader’s Choice. Shirley A. Roe has been interviewed see it here:

Best wishes to reviewer, Haley Hodge who is in her first year at Georgian College.

We send our wishes for a speedy recovery to author, Dawn Beaumont Lane
Who is recovering from complications after knee surgery.

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So, what can you do to write headlines that suck readers in? Here are some tips for better headline writing.
1. Keep it short - The first thing you need to do is trim the fat from your press release headline. Remember, the people reading your headline are in a hurry, and they might only skim through it. Keeping it short helps to ensure your message gets across quickly and effectively. Don't try to put too many details in your headline; let the rest of the story take care of the tiny details. Less is more.
2. Clarity is key - Whenever an editor or anyone else reads your headline, they should instantly know exactly what the rest of your press release is about. Never mislead readers by promising something in your headline that you don't deliver on in the story. And while you're at it, get rid of tech jargon that will go over the head of most readers.
Here's a tip: Show someone who doesn't work at your company just the headline of your press release, and ask them to describe what they think the story is about. If they're unable to do this, it's probably time to rewrite your headline.
3. Stop trying to be cleverer than you are - There is a very thin line between an effectively-clever headline and an overly-clever headline. If your headline is too clever or cutesy, it could instantly turn off readers. When you try to be too clever, you also risk losing the clarity of your headline. If in doubt, tone it down a little bit.
4. Beware of sounding gimmicky - Sure, the ultimate goal of a press release is to get your name out there, but that doesn't mean you should treat it as an advertisement. If your headline is "New Miracle Product by ABC Company will Change Your Life Forever and Solve All Your Problems!!!", you're way too over the top. Eliminate the hype, and ditch any words that sound salesy or gimmicky.
5. Always proofread before sending - It seems like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many companies send out press releases with typos or other errors in the headline.
Here's a tip: Set your press release aside for 24 hours (if you have the time) before trying to proofread it. This allows you to come at it with a fresh set of eyes, making it much easier to spot mistakes.
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Allbooks Reviews INTERVIEW:
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Robbi Sommers Bryant
Santa Rosa, Ca

Tell us the title and publisher of your book:

The Beautiful Evil
Self-published through Create Space

Tell us about yourself:

Robbi Sommers Bryant published works include 4 novels, 5 short story collections and 1 book of poetry. Her work has been published in magazines including Readers Digest, Redbook, Cupido and Penthouse and included in several anthologies. After the sudden death of her 21-year-old son in the late 1990's, Robbi's passion and creative flame extinguished. She only began writing again last year. Robbi has recently retired as a dental hygienist. She has also worked as a licensed esthetician and a certified massage therapist. Once a disco dance teacher and tarot card reader/teacher, Robbi has dabbled in many of life's experiences. She is married and is the mother of three sons. Justin 1976-1997, Brian and Nick (twins, age 28.) The Beautiful Evil, a novel, is her first major work since her son passed.

When was the book released?

July 2, 2011

Give us an overview of your book.

A cynical and emotionally bereft homemaker purchases and opens an antique Greek vase, unleashing an insidious evil into her life. Spiraling into a world of untrustworthy men, addictive drugs, and murder, she suddenly finds herself staring into a dark abyss, forced to make one final, heart-rending decision if she is to find the peace seeks. The Beautiful Evil is a captivating psychological thriller that will keep you questioning reality until the ultimate, final act.

What inspired you to write this book?

My love of mythology, a quote about hope being 'the worst of all evils' by Nietzsche and my fascination with good vs evil, fueled my creativity and inspiration for The Beautiful Evil.

How is your book different from other books in this genre?
When one hears the word, psychological thriller, the first thought is serial killer or abductions. The Beautiful Evil redefines the genre, Psychological Thriller with its cutting edge style, disturbing situations and unique characters.

Where can people buy your book? Paperback and Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook

Are you working on another book? If so when do you expect it to be published?

Yes, I have 2 projects in the works. Hopefully, one of them will be ready to publish in approximately 1-2 years.

If you self published, what advice can you give to fellow writers?

I published through Create Space and they did an absolutely awesome job. My advice: Be prepared to wear many hats...from writer to marketer, there's a lot to be done. Be prepared!

If published traditionally, tell us how you benefited:

Can you share one of your marketing successes with us?

I am building The Beautiful Evil into a best seller, one book at a time. I always have books and promo material wherever I go and try to sell at least one book a every day.

How did you find Allbooks Reviews and what are you hoping for in your relationship with us?

I found Allbooks Reviews mentioned on another site and researched it. My hope is that we bring each other closer to our personal goals.

Was the low cost a surprise? What other things would you like Allbooks Reviews to offer writers?

Yes, It would be nice to have a place that sets authors on their way with good marketing ideas.

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Genre: Fiction/Thriller


Author: David L. Saykin

Weighing the risks involved, including illegal ramifications, four friends decide to accept
a lucrative job offer from, Mr. Green, a well known underground businessman. They never dreamed they would be embarking on a supernatural, mesmerizing, but deadly journey. Their first assignment sounded relatively simple and after formulating their plan they celebrated their new profitable futures. The objective; obtain information on why a significant gambling debt is not being paid. Supplied with a healthy expense budget and a nine millimeter gun, along with the promise of half a million dollars to share, the foursome venture out on their first mission.
They meet the target Tony, at an underground gambling joint resulting in an invitation to his 268ft. ship. Here Tony holds a well- guarded meeting. Several wealthy international investors are then informed that a spectacular power source of energy has been uncovered in the desert of the Middle East. Archeologists and scientists have been working on the project, ISIS. They now believe they are closer to an answer as to how the raw untapped natural energy can be harnessed. The team begins working for Shoo Kan Industries, having been hired to find the three keys necessary to unlock the power source. They are to be handsomely rewarded upon natural completion of the mission.
Along with secret and double agents, bodyguards, sophisticated communication and weapons, the covert operation dubbed the ‘Cairo Project’ begins and events escalate dramatically. There are many nationalist groups involved; American, Russian, Asian, German, Japanese and Egyptians. This death- defying tale takes the reader from mountain summits, across desert in life threatening sand storms, futuristic armor plated vehicles and transport pods, to treacherous underground caverns, tunnels and crumbling tombs. Tension and excitement soar as the first and second key are located. Mystic seekers and protectors give clues along their journey but can they beat the odds fighting against multiple renegades? Will good prevail over the evil plan of world domination? Will the regeneration process be completed?
The author, David L. Saykin’s career background explains his script styled novel. He is a freelance writer with experience at the World Famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem New York. He has been a specialist/stage technician for bands and artists including the Grateful Dead and is currently working on the completion of the second portion of ‘The Kings Code’, to be released in 2012.
I would be remiss not to say that the first print needs some detailed editing, but that need not deter the reader from this electrifying tale. I would recommend this book as a very good read. Available at
Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @

Author: David L. Saykin
Publisher: self
ISBN-13: 978-1456-547851
Pages: N/A
Price: $12.00 USD
May , 2011
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