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The 7 Question Interview with Shirley Roe

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Shirley Roe is the Managing Editor of the Allbooks Review (founded in 2000 as a review source for POD authors, and voted one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writer's Digest for two years straight)and the author of a historical fiction series known as the Martha Whittaker series. Some of her novels are:

• The Whittaker Family Reunion
• Of Dreams and Nightmares
• A Call to Faith and Freedom

Her official website can be accessed here:

The 7 Question Interview

Please let us know who you are and how we might know you:

I am Shirley A. Roe, author of three historical fiction novels and the Managing Editor of Allbooks Review. Allbooks Review is a review and promotional source for authors from all over the world. I encourage your visitors to check out: for their review, editing, and promotional needs.

Any news you would like to share concerning upcoming projects:

I am currently working on the third book in the Martha Whittaker series, Return to Whittakerville, which is to be released in the summer of 2009 by RealTime Publishing.

Thoughts concerning the current state of the literary world:

More and more authors are getting published thanks to the many POD sources and ebook publishing. I feel this is an excellent way for authors and writers to get their work to the waiting public. As founder of Allbooks Review, this is a constant stream of new authors needing our services. The economy has forced the closing of many newspapers and magazines around the world, however the internet seems to grow stronger in its place in the literary world.

Who is your favorite author and why?

My favorite author is Catherine Cookson. I am a historical fiction fan and no one compares to Cookson in this genre. I have read all of her books. Another author that I admire is Mathias Freese, author of The I Tetralogy. His work is haunting. It makes you think.

Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to publish?

I have been very fortunate in having my books: Dreams and Nightmares: The Martha Whittaker Story, The Whittaker Family Reunion, and A Call to Faith and Freedom all published. Return to Whittakerville is the third book in the Whittaker series and is being published in 2009. All of my books are available in both print and ebook format, including Kindle.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I would like to thank my readers for letting me know how much they love the Whittaker family and look forward to the next book. Reviews on Amazon have been 5 star and I appreciate all of the reviewer's comments very much. Celtic history buffs loved A Call to Faith and Freedom and I have had several people contact me with questions on Druids and the Celtic practices portrayed in the book.

How do you feel about what and other literary sharing sites are attempting to do for new writers?

I think authors both new and experienced need sites like this one. It helps to promote not only our work, but ourselves as upcoming authors and writers. I thank you for this interview and your continuing support. would like to thank Ms. Roe for taking the time out of her busy schedule for this interview.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Allbooks Review April 2009 Newsletter

April Fools Day, watch out !

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There are three basic types of editing- Content editing, copyediting, and proofreading.
Authors often get confused when looking for or being told their work needs an edit.

Content editing involves addressing the content of the manuscript -- does the story flow well? Are the ideas clear? How does the dialogue flow? Is the material well presented? Does this area need fleshing out, does that area need cutting back? It's getting into the ideas of the piece, not just the words.

Copy-editing involves grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. Often, copyediting can involve trying to restructure sentences so that they are more readable. Some people regard copy-editing as very simple "check the grammar and nothing else." Others like to have the material reworked if necessary, often providing suggestions as to how to make it a better "read."

Proofreading is just that: Making sure that there are no spelling, punctuation, or format errors. Since that tends to be the simplest process it usually takes less time, and therefore usually costs less.

Call for Submissions:

Allbooks Review is now offering an Author’s Page, for $75 per year. You prepare your page to tell readers anything you like. Bio, book titles, where to purchase, etc. Include a photo of yourself, and a covershot for your books.

Each additional year is only $25. Get a full page ad that you can send your readers to. Just like having a website without the fuss.Contact me at: for details.

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Basically, referring to RealTime's Authors Area, the $300 price tag attached to the POD and eBook Publishing pack is slashed to $200.

So, don't delay, act now and make your masterpiece available for everyone to enjoy. Simply, send your manuscript to or and when approved, you will be just a few short days from flicking through the pages of your newly published book.

Please note that the review period can take up to 30 days, so don't delay.

To your success,

Remember to post your book signing, guest speaker events on our Bookstore page. Simply send us an email with details of your events and we will be happy to post them. Just part of the Allbooks service to our authors.

Success Stories

We love to hear of your success stories, submit them to us at:

Award-winning metaphysical author and speaker Jean-Claude Gerard Koven is Guest on Andrea Garrison's Blog Talk Radio Show "Online with Andrea" at 7:30 pm ET, Tuesday, March 24, and Tuesday, March 31, 2009 to discuss his book Going Deeper and the unprecedented changes on our planet at this time. Award-winning metaphysical author and speaker Jean-Claude Gerard Koven will discuss the concepts in his book Going Deeper, as well as the unprecendented changes occuring on the planet now with Andrea Garrison at "OnLine with Andrea" on Blog Talk Radio March 24 and 31 at 7:30 pm ET.

Please state your name and location. (city and State or Province, Country)

Peter Yellowlees MD, Sacramento, California, USA

Tell us the title and publisher of your book:

Your Health in the Information Age – how you and your doctor can use the Internet to work together. Self published through Supported by links and other content at

Tell us about yourself:

I am Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Health Informatics Program at the University of California Davis. I am also deputy editor of the Medscape Journal of Medicine and have lived in England, Australia and the USA. I am an internationally recognized expert in health on the Internet and my current projects involve virtual reality using Second Life, telemedicine, email and video consulting and bioterrorism responses. I have written over 150 scientific articles and four books, have lectured in more than 20 countries, and have undertaken many media interviews. I live with my wife Barb, in Sacramento, California.

When was the book released?

November 2008

Give us an overview of your book.

The practice of healthcare is about patients and doctors sharing information - both face to face, and online. Medicine is increasingly being practiced online, as we gradually move into the Information Age.

"Your Health in the Information Age” is an exciting new book that shows patients how they can work more closely with their doctors by using the internet effectively.

More than 10 million Americans search for health information on the Internet for themselves or for loved ones every single day. This books teaches how to use the internet to make yourself better.

Are you sick? Are you getting the best treatment? Do you want to check out alternative therapies? Do you understand your symptoms? Do you know why you are taking your medications? How can you monitor your health? Can you access your doctor easily? Do you know how experienced your doctor is, and whether he or she is expert in your illness? Learn how to answer all these questions in “Your health in the Information Age” and at the website that supports the book, and which contains most of the links mentioned in the book, at

What inspired you to write this book?

Almost every patient I see as a doctor has already been on the Internet looking for information. It is apparent that they don’t know how to discriminate between good and bad websites, and good and potentially dangerous health information. I have been advising my patients on the best websites to go to, and the best ways of using the Internet to communicate with me, for some years, and have looked for a book like this that I could recommend to my patients. As nothing like it is available, I decided to write it myself.

How is your book different from other books in this genre?

There are no similar books that explain how to use the internet for healthcare. There are many that list lots of websites, but none that teach people how to use the internet effectively, as both an information search tool, and to allow them to collaborate better with their doctor, and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.

Where can people buy your book?

From , and most online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Are you working on another book? If so when do you expect it to be published?

I will most likely be writing a parallel book aimed more specifically at health professionals

If you self published, what advice can you give to fellow writers?

Check out the various major self-publishers – they are all a bit different from each other. Make sure you keep in close contact with your publisher, and that you respond to their questions in a timely manner. Remember that however you publish, you will most likely end up doing most of the marketing of the book yourself.

Can you share one of your marketing successes with us?

It is early days yet – but my website, which I built myself using templates from American Author, is proving reasonably popular, and I am using Google adwords to promote the site and the book. I know that a the book is selling reasonably well as I have already started to get good feedback which I am putting on my website at

How did you find Allbooks Reviews and what are you hoping for in your relationship with us?

I wanted to find some professional sites to have book reviews undertaken, and found Allbooks Reviews via google. I have been very impressed by how responsive the process has been with Allbooks Reviews, and look forward to advertising on the site and seeing if I can create more interest in my book.

Was the low cost a surprise? What other things would you like Allbooks Reviews to offer writers?

It was a bit of a surprise, but I am also used to having reviews written by professional publications, where there is typically no charge for the review, because there is a charge for the magazine

Thank you for this interview and best of luck with your book.

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