Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review of Finding Thomas by Christopher J. Holcroft

Christopher J. Holcroft’s fourth written novel Finding Thomas is a well-tied package of murder, suspense, rescue, and adventure. I strongly recommend this book for teenage boys (around ages 14-15) because of the alluring sense of crime that is woven throughout the entire plot. Girls who enjoy books with danger are also encouraged to try this read. Right from the prologue of this book, Finding Thomas grabs your attention. It begins with a phone call, a sobbing mother on one end and her comforting husband who works for a politician on the other. Her shattering cry of her son being dead will immediately bring forward questions. From there on, the story only gets more captivating. The son and also protagonist, Kit Green, is miraculously brought back to life but after his revival, he is not the average teenager that he was before. He now possesses the ability to see and talk to spirits that have passed away. Finding Thomas now diverts the plot so that it has more of a supernatural feel. The deceased son of the politician (that Kit’s father works for) befriends Kit in order to stop their fathers from being killed by a shady police officer. And thus, their thrilling crime adventure begins. There are many twists and turns during plotline and will always keep you wondering what will happen next. This book is written in third person and therefore you can understand and read situations from the eyes of different characters, although it mainly is from Kit’s point of view. As you dwell further into the book, you will start to love Kit Green and his wistful character. Holcroft has added many characters that you may be attached to and will cheer on as the plot progresses. Finding Thomas is one of those intense books that will never bore you. Although it may not be the type of book that you will be forever glued to but you will definitely finish it enjoyably. As mentioned before, typical teenage boys will take a great liking to this book but not all girls will enjoy it as much as I did. Christopher J. Holcroft has much experience with journalism, communications, media training, and complex public information planning and implementation. After serving 35 years as Venturer Scout Leader and member of the Australian Army Reserve, he decided to write adventuring boy-like novels, encouraging young men to read more. Finding Thomas is his fourth book, greatly inspired by the passing of his brothers and his belief that there is life after death. He is now married to Yvonne and has three sons. The family enjoys outdoor recreational activities such as camping and scuba diving. Highly recommended by Reviewer: Iris Park, Allbooks Review Int. Title: Finding Thomas Author: Christopher J. Holcroft ISBN: 978-0-7414-6475-0 Publisher: Infinity Publishing for more info: Date of Review: Jan. 2012

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