Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So you have written your first book, so first of all congratulations. Relish this moment before moving to step two. Now before you go any further have a friend or preferably, a professional read your manuscript to see if it is ready or needs a little more work. Is it a viable subject? Are your characters believable? Etc. Once you know you have a viable product, get it edited. This is the most important step. Your freshly edited manuscript is now ready for publishing. You can publish it very easily yourself into an ebook, via the internet. There are many, many sites offering self publishing at a very low cost. You can also produce a print version. A review is very important and can be done pre publishing, so that you can include part of it on your cover or immediately after publishing to promote the book to the masses. Good luck with your book and be sure to check out Allbooks Review International www.allbookreviewsint.com We offer editing, pre reads for new manuscripts,reviews and promotional packages.

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