Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with Lisa Taylor, author of The Hour of Tiamat

Please state your name and location. (city and State or Province, Country)

Lisa Taylor and I live in Winchester, Kentucky, USA

Tell us the title and publisher of your book:
The Hour of Tiamat published by AuthorHouse

Tell us about yourself:
I’ve kind of jumped all over the place. I graduated from The United States Military Academy at West Point in May of 2010 but my military career was cut short. I was medically discharged from the Army soon after graduation. I attended graduate school studying physics for a semester, but soon realized that it wasn’t the career I wanted. That’s when I began to publish my writing.

When was the book released?:
June of 2011

Give us an overview of your book.
It is based on Sumerian mythology, a topic I have always found fascinating. Four teenagers have found an ancient book, the Necronomicon, which is full of knowledge of the Sumerian Gods. The book starts on the night that they perform a forbidden ritual to bring those Gods back to the Earth, putting themselves in line for a reward of power.
One of the teens, though, is not like the others, and only does the ritual out of fear for his life; but when he is faced with killing again or turning against the Gods, he embarks on a mission to stop what he has begun before it’s too late.
It’s a book where destinies collide and nothing is really what it seems. Secrets abound and the main characters, Evelyn and Tristan, will each have to face their own demons if they ever hope to understand each other.
What inspired you to write this book?
In high school (and still today) I was fascinated by ancient cultures. My research into Sumerian mythology coupled with my love for H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories inspired this book.

How is your book different from other books in this genre?
While the book is fiction, it is based on real historical interpretations. It has a little bit for everyone; history, horror, intense emotional growth and even a little romance.

Where can people buy your book?
They can buy it many places. It is for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores can also order it for you. For the cheapest prices, though, readers should look at my website,

Are you working on another book? If so when do you expect it to be published?
Yes, the first of a young adult fantasy trilogy called Crystalized (Book 1 of the Crystal Chronicles) and it is close to finished. I plan to publish this trilogy traditionally, through an agent, so it will most likely be another year before it is released for sale.

If you self published, what advice can you give to fellow writers?
Network, network, network. There are a lot of indie authors out there willing to do mutual promotions. Also, research and teach yourself about online marketing and social networks ahead of time. Lastly, don’t pay to be published. There are a lot of small, indie presses out there; find them.

If published traditionally, tell us how you benefited:
Can you share one of your marketing successes with us?
Social networks have led to most of my sales, especially twitter. I’ve found I can build a large following simply by remembering my manners and being social.

How did you find Allbooks Reviews and what are you hoping for in your relationship with us?
I found Albooks while searching google for book reviewers. Reviews help tremendously in how your book is presented in places like amazon.

Was the low cost a surprise? What other things would you like Allbooks Reviews to offer writers?
The low cost wasn’t a surprise since I had never paid for any review service. It was worth it though to get my book reviewed by a credible reviewing company.

Thank you for this interview and best of luck with your book.

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  1. Congratulations Lisa. The House of Tiamat sounds like a winner. Best wishes to you.