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Review of Lost in the Blue Room by Richard Barone

When a disgruntled former sky marshal takes siege of a plane flying above ocean waters, everyone pays attention! Claiming the hijacking is not an act of terrorism, Jack Sky explains to the passengers that he wants the world to understand the invaluable nature of sky marshals. He intends to prove government neglect for passenger safety when the sky marshals were cut back before 9/11. He has written a book that publishers have rejected so he feels his only recourse is forcing people to read it, if they don’t they will be “shark bait.”
John Barefoot is aboard the plane, travelling to his appearance on the ‘Tonight Show.’ Ironically John is a bestselling author in the midst of writing ‘Most Wanted, his own novel about a hijacking. Seated next to him is passenger Marge Fornai. Throughout the book they narrate their experience on a flight gone terribly wrong.
Jack’s story is about Andrea High, an undercover sky marshal whose personal mission is to be the first to take down a skyjacker; thereby proving his point and heroically saving a plane full of people. He takes full advantage of his multiple undercover stories on and off duty by engaging in many different activities of self-indulgence, legal and illegal. Andrea’s escapades take place on board the plane and in different countries on stopovers. He is becomes addicted to the rush of his lifestyle and pays an ultimate price.
Andrea did not count on falling in love with a very complicated flight attendant, nor the drama surrounding their relationship. They share a common thread in living life to the extreme, burning the candle at both ends, not thinking of the long term consequences. Andrea has a history in philosophical controversies and enjoys engaging people in his theories.
The author Richard Barone is a former sky marshal. He has written a tale of terror aboard a plane. Will he make you wonder about who you are sitting next to on the next flight you take?
This is not a book that you will fall asleep reading. You must follow carefully with an open imagination to decipher the intertwined stories and to experience the conclusion. As the author Richard Barone has stated there are sex, violence and drugs to which I will add deceit, rape, abortion, sodomy and magic. This is not a book for the highly moral.
Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review International @

Title: Lost in the Blue Room
Author: Richard Barone
Publisher: Canto 34 Press
ISBN-13: 978-0975471166
Pages: 284
Price: $14.95 USD
August 2011
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