Friday, March 23, 2012

Review of How to get anything you want – Just Like That! by Janet Poole

The power of positive thinking, changing attitudes, embracing your inner strength, seizing control over your life, not letting others dictate your productivity or happiness; these and many more are the themes of “How to get anything you want”. Poole builds on concepts designed to help the reader recognize those situations and inner barriers that hinder a person from progressing, or better said, from achieving their desires and goals. The book provides insight into what may be issues in your life, both personal and professional, provides direction in overcoming these issues and even exercises to help the reader through the concepts or through self-analysis and reflection. The book gives inspirational quotes, decent summaries of the chapters, good sense advice and a variety of approaches for each idea. It is all inclusive and wide ranging and will have a wide target audience.

While the book is well written, very well laid out and easy to read, I found the concepts a repeat of many self-analysis and self-help books already on the shelf. The title, “How to get anything you want – Just Like That!” is also misleading and actually contrary to some of the concepts presented. This book provides a path to attitude, emotional or situational change, which in its self might lead to personal growth, emotional stability, or even financial gain through realizing and overcoming your individual limitations, but it can give the reader nothing “Just Like That!”

On the positive side, I believe there is great wisdom inside and everyone will walk away with lessons or skills, whether new or reinforced, that can improve their situation. To those who pick up this book I say, “Embrace the message”.

Reviewed by reviewer Gregory J. Saunders, Allbooks Review,

Publisher: Mountain View Publishing

ISBN: 978-1439280607

Price: $25.00 (Amazon)

Available: Paperback

Oct. 2011

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