Monday, May 14, 2012

Review of The Cosmos of the Soul by Michele Doucette

Michele Doucette’s biography surprised me, because it almost reflects my own spiritual awakening. Michele begins with the details of her birth, her childhood and her feeling that she didn’t belong. She was always more comfortable with books and nature than with people. This is a feeling I can definitely identify with. In continuing to describe her spiritual journey she mentions several well respected authors with which I am very familiar, James Twyman, Nick Bunick, Shakti Gawain and Gregg Braden just to mention a few. Through the knowledge and guidance of these spiritual leaders, Michele began her journey to enlightenment. Michele Doucette was fascinated with and drawn to crystals and uses them in her therapies. She is a Reiki Channeler. Another book and author, Going Deeper by Jean Claude Koven had a deep impact on her life. I reviewed this book several years ago, and must agree with Michele that it is one of the best books I have ever read. It is beginning to sound like Michele Doucette’s biography is just one big book review of the spiritual masters, but these books bring us the knowledge we need to reach our own potential. Through books such as these, we can learn to let go of past beliefs and alienation and find the path to Oneness that we all seek. When the author reaches the end of her story she reminds us of three very important things: Your thoughts are energy, attracting into your life everything that vibrates in alignment with your thoughts. Think about what you want, and you attract that into your life. Think about what you do not want, and you will attract that too. Simple, easy and true! In an effort to tell her own story she provides readers with a roadmap to their own discovery. Well done, Michele! Highly Recommended by reviewer: Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review International Title: The Cosmos of the Soul Author: Michele Doucette Publisher: St. Clair Pub ISBN: 978-1935786214 For more info:

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