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Genre: Inspirational/Self Help
Author: John Mitchell

While researching another project the author, John Mitchell repeatedly came across facts regarding the incredibly high number of people, who have passed away too early in their years. What was of interest professionally and personally became his obsession, resulting in an empathetic, matter of fact, educational book. Suicide, Alcohol and Drugs compose the title, SAD. Each one is included in the World Health Organization’s list relating to main causes of death.
Having a prior history of working with the entertainment world, it became his focal point. In no way does he diminish the fact that this problem affects all walks of life, worldwide. How often have we wondered how a favorite performer came to the point of death by drugs, whether intentional or accidental? What more could they possibly want or be so bad that they set their own course to self destruction? They have not only fame, fortune, and exciting life, but the potential to influence the public, more specifically the younger generation.
In a determined attempt to reach others, John has included an eleven page chapter with the alphabetized names of entertainers who have passed on due to one or a combination of these components. Read it; allow the frightening truth of just how many overdosed, accidentally.
Suicide is defined as ‘the intentional killing of oneself.’ In most countries it is considered a crime and a strong stigma prevents many from seeking help. Suicidal thoughts often result from an insufferable amount of stress, trauma and depression. It may only take one last trigger to leap the thought into being an action. It is crucial that a person suffering this badly should not be left alone, uncared for.
Addiction indicates that a person has become dependent on a chemical substance. The condition itself can be related to many other aspects in our lives, food and gambling for example. It is a loss of control, an irrefutable need which has its victim willing to do anything possible, regardless of the consequences, to obtain what is craved. The addict must acknowledge that there is an unhealthy problem as the first step to taking back control and must want to quit.
Drugs are addressed, most specifically Heroin. A drug that was once related to poverty and hopelessness has now made its way into all ages, and classes of lifestyle. It is appallingly available at school, including junior schools! Believe this chapter, it is reality.
John Mitchell has other publications about behavioral health and has written valuable, unforgettable information in this book. He has included chapters on Depression, Fear, Stress as well as the significance of Positive Thinking and Religion. In a confident, straight forward manner he educates his readers on the benefits of Health and Wellness.
It is only natural for parents to worry about their children as they grow up, deciding to explore all possibilities available in life. John shares with us his personal devastation when his twenty-year-old daughter went away with her friends, only to be found dead from an overdose of heroin. The coroner concluded that it was her first time. Sharing his personal heartbreak enforces this author’s beliefs and knowledge. Join in to spread the word, SAY NO TO DRUGS!
This is a highly recommended read. Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @
Title: SAD
Author: John Mitchell
Publisher: Maple Creek div. of Old Line Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781937004422
For more info: March , 2011

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