Monday, May 9, 2011

2012: The Awesome King of Destiny (review)

Genre: Fiction - Thriller
Author: Byron De Vere

2012: The Awesome King Of Destiny is a thriller with twists and turns and plots within plots. This is a story where the goal is nothing less than world domination. An ages old text that predates Christ, predicts a savior that will unite the world, provide an end to war and strife and the elimination of poverty and hunger. There also exists a secret society that is not content with mere prophesy. To elevate one of their own they will use every tool in the technological chest, including brainwashing and cloning. The twist is a readymade savior who is reluctant to assume his role. In fact he is vehemently against the idea of becoming the ‘’Awesome king Of Destiny’, yet this is what he becomes. What he lacks in charisma, his team makes up with planted politicos, huge amounts of cash, threats and ultimately, marketing.

As you would suspect, this conspiracy is not unopposed. Certain factions of the Catholic Church, family members of the brainwashed savior and other secret societies fight to stop the ascension. The story is replete with assignation attempts, murder, double dealing and political intrigue. All in all, a plot worthy of a Dan Brown novel.

I loved the plot, but the execution left something to be desired. The story was abrupt. The transitions were difficult to follow and there were many one sentence paragraphs. I would suggest a more active voice and the elimination of so much use of the past tense, especially the word, “had”. In addition, this is a story that probably needed another hundred pages because it felt rushed. This made the story awkward and left me feeling like it was incomplete, overly simple, too pat and too predictable.
Reviewed by reviewer Gregory J. Saunders, Allbooks Review,

Publisher: St. Clair Publications
ISBN: 9780982630228
Price: $17.95 (

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