Monday, November 21, 2011

Review of Power Split by W. Ron Drynan

Power Split is two stories in one book. Can antimatter work as a propulsion system in spacecraft? How are two characters in Power Split, medically related? These are just a couple of questions found within the pages of Power Split.

The first story is about the practicality of using antimatter propulsion for space travel. Power Split is also about two characters and their possible connection medically and why they are unique in the population.

Follow the testing and the action as these two characters work together in an action thriller, which will come as a good surprise.

This reviewer found Power Split well written, and the piquant book that held this reader's interest and wanting more. Power Split will hold the interest of readers, and they will not want to put it down, so dedicate some time for reading Power Split.

Power Split is easy to read, and will not take too long to finish it. This reviewer completed Power Split in one sitting. It was hard to stop for this reviewer.

If you enjoy action books, Power Split is a good book for you. This reviewer found the medical and flight information to be well written and possible.

This reviewer awards four out of a possible five stars to Power Split. Robert Medak, AllBooks Reviewer

Title: Power Split

Author: W. Ron Drynan

Publisher: Artairus

ISBN: 978-0-9835039-0-3

Pages: 321

Date June , 2011

Power Split is available at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble,

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