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The Mystery of Fate: Common Coincidence or Divine Intervention

Genre: Inspirational,
Title: The Mystery of Fate: Common Coincidence or Divine Intervention?

Author: Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka

Award winning writers Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka, met at a writer’s site on the internet, as fate would have it. The result is an uplifting, inspirational anthology of true stories where coincidence or fate plays a part in the outcomes of many situations.
Several authors, besides Uslander and Warneka, contributed to this collection of inspiring stories and after each story is a short biography of the author.
The Mystery of Fate comes at a time when the world needs to know that many times even when things could go terribly wrong and sometimes when it seems as if the did go terribly wrong, things actually went very right. Stories such as The Amazing Tablecloth, by Rabbi Adam Glickman, will bring tears to the readers’ eyes and awe to their hearts.
In the story titled The Angel that Couldn’t Fly Michael T. Dolan writes, “As I continued to stare, a light began to glow from around a curve in the road twenty yards ahead of us. I soon realized it was the headlights of a logging truck speeding around the bend. In our lane!
“I laid on my horn. There was nothing else to do. The time to react was gone. My heart seemed to stop beating. I realized with horror that the trucker’s time to react was also gone. He would hit us dead on, crush the van and kill us on impact. Then the truck would send us through the guardrail and down the embankment, where we would be buried at the bottom of the mountain.”
This is a great read for incremental reading. Each story is riveting and to the point.
I highly recommend The Mystery of Fate: Common Coincidence or Devine Intervention to all readers wanting hope and encouragement.
Reviewed by: Donetta Garman, Allbooks Review

The Mystery of Fate:Common Coincidence or Divine Int
Authors: Arlene Uslander/Brenda Warneka
Publisher: R. J. Buckley Publishing
ISBN: 978-0981965420
List price: $19.00
November 2010
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