Monday, December 12, 2011

Review of This Mobius Strip of Ifs by Matt Freese

Before I begin, I will state that I am a huge fan of Mathius Freese. His novel, The “i” Tetrology still sits in a place of honor on my bookshelf as one of the books I shall never forget. This Mobius Strip of Ifs is a collection of essays written by the author over a long period of time and finally brought together in a fascinating work of literary genius. I sit and read the essays and sometimes I find myself in a place of deep soul searching and discovery, other times I am simply entertained, but never disappointed.
Each essay has something truly unique and heart wrenching. The following quote is only a small part of the therapist’s relationship with the client. However, as you read, it permeates your core as very sound advice for any relationship.
Therapist as Artist: “Some comments about the relationship with the client. As you fade, the client becomes clearer. Think of yourself as the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.
Use yourself as an instrument. Use images, analogies, metaphors; be nimble on your feet. Use words gracefully, cunningly, but never deceitfully. Be multiplex. Think and be in large, not small, measures. Give and ye shall receive twice-fold.
As you feel, sense and intuit the client, feel his impact upon yourself. Think of meteors raining down upon the moonscape and the lunar quakes that ensue and seismic waves that are issued deep down to its core. Engage and motivate.” Truly thought provoking!
To quote Jane Freese, who puts it beautifully in the introduction, “A Möbius strip is essentially a ribbon with a twist. A mathematical model, it is used as a metaphor by physicists to describe why we, living within four dimensions, are unable to perceive other dimensions outside of the single boundary of time. “ The collection covers religion, the Holocaust, publishing, writing, movies, actors, therapy and life in general, from the author’s point of view. Readers will be entertained, challenged, and yes, shocked by some of the writings. Another winner from Matt Freese that I have thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish and I am sure will return to often in the future.

Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.

Title: This Mobius Strip of Ifs Essays
Author: Mathias Freese
Publisher: Red Willow Digital Press
Pages: pre pub
For more information:

July. 2011

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