Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals / Review

Title: The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals
Author: Karen Langolf
Do you suppose that you would be all too willing to slip unexpectedly through a strange door, that would ultimately lead to an equally bizarre and unpredictable world inhabited by creatures and sights not known to your sheltered self? Well, if you hadn’t that precious, treasured privilege of a personal decision on this matter, would you be so inclined to nobly accept the situation to which you were placed, or fuss and whine over the all too truthful fact that the portals, to return the comforts of your known world, would not be accessible for another twenty-five years, and that is if you even have the capabilities and quantities of luck on your side to spot them?
Captain Ror, with the deeply tanned skin, straight tufts of glistening silver hair, and a life shadowed by an age-old prophecy, is of course rather comfortable in this “place” that is just so frightening to those who journey through the portals to it. After all, the young Captain has lived his entire life in this land with its many lurking secrets and various forceful inhabitants. Upon the arrival of people from the other world after the unexpected opening of the portals, the kindly Ror, along with others of his sort, feel heaps of sympathy for the bewildered newcomers who had had enthralling lives as detectives, fashion models and rock stars before journeying through the portals.
Ror and his allies find themselves leading these people through the ways of their world, and protecting them from its many lurking, startling dangers. But will Ror and his many friends be able to locate the portals and send their new friends home, or will they have to leave them stranded in their own cold, dark land forever?
In this compelling adventure novel brimming with pounding excitement, readers will ultimately find themselves running right alongside the aggressive green-haired cannibals, valiant sorcerers and delightful chattering cats, just to name a few. Karen Langolf has spun “The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals,” making use of the vital threads of wit and delightfully clever humour,to create a brilliant story of complex weaving. Readers of all ages will take great pleasure in this stunningly fascinating and highly creative novel of great quality. Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Alison Griffith, Allbooks Review Int. www.allbooksreviewint.com

The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals
Karen Langolf
Cost: US $16.95
Publisher: Outskirts Press,Inc.
ISBN: 9781432762308
For more info: http://chroniclesofror.webs.com

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