Friday, September 16, 2011

Swamp Mist and Other Short Stories

Genre: fantasy/ adventure
Author: W. David MacKenzie
David MacKenzie is able to create realistic and compelling characters while highlighting the importance of both setting and dialogue. His characters vary from emotional teenagers to humanistic dinosaurs without compromising the importance of connecting with his target audience. The anthology begins with a short story about two lovers who come across a Skunk Ape while camping, which proceeds to ruin their weekend. A few pages later, we witness an alien attack on the city of Seattle and a vampire malfunction on a man’s wife in remote location. The anthology repeatedly keeps its readers guessing while incorporating both long and shorter pieces, all of which include a relatable emotional protagonist and intriguing story line.
MacKenzie began writing short stories in high school, but it is quite clear that it was not his only pastime. He now lives in Edmonds, WA where, when not writing, invents both creative board and card games. His latest business endeavor is a board game design and publishing company called Clever Mojo Games. The company has already found much success through the publication of the board game titled Alien Frontiers. MacKenzie also hopes to find success in the upcoming release of the card game, Princes of the Dragon Throne.
The author definitely knows how to attract his readers’ attention; inventing charismatic and witty characters while placing them in remote and imaginative locations is exactly what make them so appealing. On the other hand, however, some of the personalities of his characters do reappear on numerous occasions making the anthology seem not as diverse as it could be. Overall, I recommend this book for young readers looking to lose themselves in a world full of Skunk Apes, friendly dinosaurs, alien attacks, and blood-sucking vampires. Recommended by Reviewer: Nicole Harris, Allbooks Reviews

Title: Swamp Mist and Other Short Stories
Author: W. David MacKenzie
Publisher: -
Price: $9.95
Pages: 170
ISBN: 1453660216
Date of review: May 2011For more info:

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