Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forged in the Jungles of Burma

Genre: Fiction
Author: D.C. Shaftoe

How is it possible for one person to survive so much pain and horror in one life? Caroline has already faced great loss after her husband and children are killed in an accident. While taking time to renew herself and help others, she innocently becomes involved in a political incident and finds herself in prison. This Burmese prison is horror personified, but her faith in God helps her face the challenge and she is actually able to help others in prison with her. Then John, a spy with much important information to hide, is thrown into her cell and her life changes again. This irascible man, liar by profession, is tortured nearly to the point of death, but Caroline is bound by her faith, to help him, even when her own life is made more difficult because of her aid. John does not want her help, will not trust her in any way, and either lies or is silent much of the time that he is forced to live in the same cell. She persists and a prickly relationship develops. Their new bond, his developing faith and her undying spirit help them through many torturous miles of jungle after their escape. They are pursued, attacked and face nature’s wrath, but God is constantly with them.
D.C. Shaftoe has written a compelling spy story and romance. She has experienced the oppression of people of different cultures and several incidences in her book relate to those experiences, as John and Caroline travel and meet those who either help them or hinder them. This is an excellent novel and I look forward to more from this author. Highly Recommended Reviewer: Elaine Fuhr, www.allbooksreviewint.com

Title: Forged in the Jungles of Burma
Author: D.C. Shaftoe
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4502-4443-5
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"Forged in the Jungles of Burma"

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