Monday, January 31, 2011

Open Source

Genre: Fiction
Title: Open Source
Author: M. M. Frick

Although Open Source is a work of fiction, the story is based on an actual event. Imagine a delivery truck driver from Savannah, Georgia who views tickers at the bottom of a television screen, writes a blog of his opinions of what he reads on the ticker, does research on the web for open sources of information is able to figure out the deviousness’ of the political establishments of foreign countries playing their games causing international repercussions.
Also imagine that there is an organization that comes through with information from cultivated sources about geopolitical plots; reports their findings to corporations and governments willing to purchase this information.
Could these two worlds collide in a life and death struggle? Are there such organizations working in the background of countries, and reports for people willing to purchase this information for a leg up on others?
Reading Open Source will have you wondering. It contains all of the intrigue of many crime, suspense, and spy novels with believable characters and situations. Open Source is a good read for anyone, especially those that enjoy suspense and international intrigue.
Bob Medak reviewer, Allbooks Review, awards four out of five stars to Open Source, and highly recommends it.
Open Source is available from Amazon,

Title: Open Source
Author: M. M. Frick
Publisher: Matthew M. Frick
ISBN: 1-4537-1998-9
Pages: 336
Date September, 2010

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