Sunday, December 12, 2010

Secrets fo Happy Couples/Review

Genre: Self-help
Title: Secrets of Happy Couples
Author: Kim Olver

Secrets of Happy Couples by, ‘Kim Oliver’ gives an enlightening look into the many challenges and obstacles that couples face everyday. The author gives down to earth advice on how to approach such challenges with new and fresh ideas. This book reminds us that as a couple in a relationship we want our bonds to last indefinitely. However, nothing lasts forever. Relationships lost due to divorce – death, or for whatever the reason may be, have a profound effect on our psyche. When you read ‘Secrets of Happy Couples’, you will delve into this delicate subject and many more.

The book begins by describing the relationship cycles – ‘The Alone Stage’ – ‘The Getting Together Stage’ – The Compatibility Stage’ and ‘The Maintenance Stage.’ As a reader, I found this to be quite informative and motivating. I know that I will use this book as a guide when it comes to my own relationships. Surveying over a hundred couples that have been together at least ten years and are both happy and fulfilled in their relationship, Kim Olver has discovered their secrets and happily shares her findings. As an expert in the field of human relationships, Kim Olver, shares her vast research with the reader in ‘Secrets of Happy Couples.’ It is the second in the ‘Inside Out Empowerment Series.’
I recommend this innovating and empowering book to all! Reviewer: Barbara Watkins, Allbooks Review

Publisher: Inside Out Press (1st edition)
ISBN# 978-0982754900
Pages: 248
Price: $19.95
Reviewed: September 19, 2010

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