Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Writing Tip

Step Two: Spying

One of the best ways to research your own marketing plan is to spy on other authors.

Visit as many other authors' websites as you have time for or interest in. What are other

books in your genre doing? What do they look like? What are they selling for? How are

they promoting their books and most important - what can you do to stand out among

them? These are vital questions you will need to answer for the market plan development.

This research will provide you with information on what they are doing to promote their

book, what they are highlighting and how they are attracting visitors to their site.

Knowing what others are doing will help you develop your website and other

promotional materials so that you stand out in a crowd. Visit your library and use the

Internet to obtain the information you need. We also invite you to visit our site

( where press releases, interviews, reviews, articles, book

excerpts and information, links and much more are available.

Your favorite search engine can be a useful tool to learn about book marketing, book

promotions and promotional materials. Writers are natural researchers - we have to be!

We just need to focus this talent in a slightly different way.

Step Three: Get Online

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