Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Authors: We would like to bring this special publishing offer to your attention.

RealTime Publishing Promo

From now until June 1st, authors can save $100 on the setup of a new title... when combined with an order of 50 books for that title! Basically, referring to RealTime's Authors Area www.theebooksale.com/authors, the $300 price tag attached to the POD and eBook Publishing pack is slashed to $200.

So, don't delay, act now and make your masterpiece available for everyone to enjoy. Simply, send your manuscript to richie@theebooksale.com or info@realtimepublishings.com and when approved, you will be just a few short days from flicking through the pages of your newly published book.

Please note that the review period can take up to 30 days, so don't delay.

To your success,


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