Friday, January 16, 2009

Winners 2009 Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award

Allbooks Review International works with authors from all over the world both traditionally published and POD. Once a year we like to award those with a special talent.

Shirley A. Roe, managing editor of Allbooks Review is proud to announce our winners for 2009. Each one of these authors produced an excellent book, which outshone others in their particular genre. We congratulate all of the winners and look forward to more from these talented authors.

Title                                          Author                               Genre

Soldier's Odyssey                  Cecil Cline              Memoir/Biography

Painter of Shanghai            Jennifer Cody Epstein             Fiction

A Death at the North Pole            M. Andre             Fantasy/Sci Fi

Lighting the Dark Side            William R. Potter            Short Stories

Frankie the Walk n' Roll Dog           Barbara Techel            Children

We are all One, A Call to Spiritual Uprising
                                        J. M Harrison         Inspirational

Critical Conditions:
The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive
                                            Martine Ehrenclou, M.A.            Health

Street Smarts for Global Business
                                          Rob Day                               Business

The Days of Peleg                         Jon Saboe               Historical Fiction

Breathing out the Ghost             Kirk Curnutt                        Mystery

Dear Anais                                    Diana Raab                        Poetry

Make the books on this list, part of your personal reading library. Allbooks Reviewers highly recommend them. Check our site for hundreds of excellent books.

Congratulations to all of our Winners.

Allbooks Review

Authors that take part in our very reasonable promotional package will be automatically entered in our 2010 Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award. Contact Shirley Roe today.

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